Zyppah Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

By | 2018-02-21

An Unbiased Zyppah Review: Could It Be The Solution to Your Snoring?

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Loud noises that sound like a power saw cutting through wood are not the kinds of sounds that you want coming from your bed at night. Aside from the embarrassing morning greetings, your snoring may become the brunt of family jokes, and you could become insecure about sharing your bed with your loved one.

That does not have to be the case. I’ve dealt with my fair share of frustration from snoring before I started looking for the perfect mouthpiece. I came across a Zyppah review that claimed that the device was worth checking out so I decided to try it.

From my personal experience, finding an unbiased Zyppah review was not easy so I’ve decided to share my honest opinion on the product. In all aspects I could sum up my experience with three words: “Zyppah is awesome”, but you probably need more than that. So let’s dig a bit deeper.

What’s Special About Zyppah?
zyppah anti snoring oral appliance

You’ll learn from any Zyppah review that you read that they added a special ingredient to their designs that a good deal of other snoring mouthpieces left out. Maybe that’s because it was developed by Dr. Johnathan Greenburg, an experienced dentist who has spent years researching sleep apnoea.

Zyppah uses tongue stabilization, as well as mandibular repositioning, to control snoring. Mandibular repositioning means it advances the lower jaw, preventing it from falling backwards in the throat when you go to bed. If your jaw is in a forward position when you sleep, the tissues will be unable to rub against each other in the collapsible airway, and create that loud snoring noise.

Most mouthpieces will use mandibular repositioning but what’s special about this device is that it stabilizes the tongue. It’s designed with a patented elastic band that works to keep the tongue from falling back when you sleep, subsequently reducing snoring. The tongue falling back is one of the main causes of snoring, especially for people who sleep on their back, so this can come in useful

Fitting The Device and Putting it To The Test

zyppah military First let me say, Zyppah does have a pretty slick design but at first glance it seemed like it would be a nuisance at night. I have a sensitive gag reflex and I was certain it would trigger it; however, I was happy to be proven wrong. The elastic band really did help to prevent my gag reflexes.

I’ve fitted quite a few snoring mouth pieces, most of which used the same boil-and-bite technique so I didn’t have any problem fitting Zyppah. All I did was grab a small pot for the warm water, a small bowl, tongs, and set my timer. Once I had my warm water prepared I poured it in the bowl, immersed the device inside, and fit it in my mouth while it was still warm. It’s that easy!

I had no snoring over the first three weeks of using the device and my partner was more excited than I was. I also had no problem breathing freely because of the airflow hole at the front of the mouthpiece. I was also happy that I didn’t feel like I was sleeping with my mouth full like some of the mouthpieces I’ve encountered.

Some Zyppah reviews will tell you that the soreness will last for a minimum of two days but in my case the soreness was gone after the third day of sleeping with the device. In fact, during this time I would feel a tingling sensation whenever I put in the device for bed, but after lying in bed for an hour or so it would diminish.

There were some signs of drooling when I woke up the first couple mornings but that also zyppah2stopped eventually.

My point is that Zyppah really did work for me. Every Zyppah review you read will probably say the same thing but that’s because they seem to be doing everything right. I suspect my experience using Zyppah was better than other mouthpieces because it uses both tongue stabilization and mandibular repositioning.

Plus if you don’t want to buy the cleaner from zyppah.com you can use a denture cleaning tablet.

What Are The Cons in This Zyppah Review?

zyppah beauty Zyppah has really done a lot for my snoring but since this is an unbiased Zyppah review I have to find out the faults of the device. Well, they are not really faults, just what I disliked.

I wasn’t fussy about the soreness I experienced during the first few days because I’ve yet to find a mouthpiece that doesn’t cause soreness. Plus with Zyppah it disappeared pretty early. Some people will tell you it’s too expensive for a snoring mouthpiece in their Zyppah review but I did not have a problem paying for the quality. The fact that it works is enough compensation.

The first thing I’m concerned about is the fact that it’s not compatible with people who wear dentures, crowns, and caps. As someone who is aging and might need dentures sometime in the near future, I’m hoping they come up with a new model for people with loose teeth and dentures soon.

Secondly, as you’ll learn from any Zyppah review it does cause some amount of drooling. Not enough to flood my pillow but if you intend to use the mouthpiece you should be prepared for drooling in the first few days.

So, Do I Recommend Zyppah?

zyppah usa The short answer would be a definite YES. However, the longer answer would be to tell you that the choice is yours. Everyone is unique in their own way but there is no need to live through the insecurities of snoring when this device is available.

Of course there are a lot of options but I hope my Zyppah review will allow you to bypass the rotten apples and get to the right solution to your snoring.

It’s time to put a stop to loud nights and awkward morning greetings. Zyppah could be the answer for you too.

Still not convinced? Check out Zyppah for yourself and experience the 90-Day Money back guarantee.

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