ZQuiet Mouthpiece Review

By | 2018-03-05

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As we lay back to sleep, our lower jaw and tongue rolls back towards the throat. This causes airway passages to narrow, leading to vibrations of throat tissues as we inhale and exhale. Snoring is the sound produced by the vibrating structures in our throat and the back of the mouth.

Mandibular advancement devices (MADs), such as ZQuiet, are designed to slightly advance the lower jaw and hold it in place during sleep. This way, MADs work to control snoring.

MADs have been used as anti-snoring oral appliances for several decades now. The efficacy of MADs has been proven through studies for both primary snoring as well as some cases of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Over the years, the design of MADs has undergone dramatic makeovers to address user comfort and convenience. The makers of ZQuiet have designed a compact and flexible device to prevent snoring.

Overview of the Product

zquiet reviews The most common complaints of MADs are side effects, such as jaw pain, increased or decreased salivation, gag reflex and overbite production. Remember, you will be attaching a mandibular advancement device to your upper and lower teeth.

Therefore, over prolonged usage of the device in your mouth, these side effects are encountered by many people. A little search over the internet will show you how a poor fitting MAD can cause a range of problems!

So, how does ZQuiet address the common side effects associated with MADs?…

ZQuiet Living HingeWell the answer lies in its design and the material of construction. Made out of a soft material, the device fits snugly in the mouth to tackle the issue of snoring. It even features a “living hinge” that enables you to naturally open and close your mouth.

It is manufactured in the United States by Sleep Well LLC. Dan and Katrina Webster were a couple looking to find an effective cure to their own problems of snoring. With the help of sleep specialist, Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS, the Websters developed ZQuiet.

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Distinguishing Features

Soft and safe material

It is made of a flexible elastomer material. Unlike some MADs I have tried out, ZQuiet feels soft and comfortable. The manufacturer also states that the material is free of BPA and latex.

No need for customization

Most MADs I have tried have been the boil and bite method of customization. What it means is that you need to place the mouthpiece in boiling water for a few minutes, slightly cool it down, and then bite on it. This process will mold the material to your unique dental impression. However, the great thing about this product is that it works out of the box. No boiling and biting down is required.


The manufacturer supplies two sizes of the device to accommodate for optimal jaw advancement. One size has greater jaw advancement than the other.

Can be Used by Mouth Breathers

It has a breathing hole in between the upper and lower trays. Therefore, mouth breathers can safely use this device.

“Living Hinge”

Another unique feature is the living hinge that assures natural jaw movement while wearing the device. The upper tray and lower tray of the product are joined by a flexible hinge. Therefore, if you would like a sip of water at night, there is no need to take off the mouthpiece.

Designated a class II medical device by the FDA

ZQuiet had to prove not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose.

What Others Have Said
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While doing my product research, I found some great reviews. However, I also came across a few reviews that were negative. Based on my personal experiences with the device, I feel that the following customer reviews were closer to my own opinion.

From Yelp.com product review….

“I’ve had sleep apnea for almost twenty years and until I found ZQuiet three years ago I had to use a CPAP machine. They don’t claim it works for sleep apnea, but I tried it because a friend of mine with sleep apnea paid $1,000.00 for a similar device and it cured her sleep apnea. I have had to re-order the ZQuiet once after three years (it finally wore out). I highly recommend ZQuiet to everyone suffering from sleep apnea or snoring. You have to use it for about 4-5 days to get used to it.” – By Brent S

From TheGearPage.net ….

“I sometimes snore, and I bought two of those ZQuiet things. They work for me, but they seem to cause me to drool excessively and they don’t always stay in my mouth through the night.” – By Rayneman

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Potential Drawbacks

It is a one size fits all product. It is great that no customization is required; however, this may pose to be a disadvantage for a few folks. The device works best if you have an ideal set of upper and lower teeth. People with excessive overbite or underbite, will find that it is not comfortable to their dental shape. This is where the customizable MADs, featuring a boil and bite method for fitting, will come in handy.

It also presents some of the disadvantages associated with other MADs. This product attaches to the teeth, and therefore occupies more mouth space than tongue stabilizing devices. Therefore, people who have a sensitive gag reflex may feel uncomfortable while using this product.

Moreover, if you have dentures, ZQuiet is not for you. This product requires a certain number of healthy teeth for attachment and retention.

Drooling is also a common disadvantage. The presence of the device in the mouth may initially lead to excessive salivation. This is a typical side effect experienced with other MADs as well. With time, the drooling may, however, improve. Therefore, this device may take some time getting used to.

Some customers have complained about the device not staying in place through the night. This has not been my experience with it. But again, I would like to point out that because the device attaches to the teeth, if you have a less than average dental shape, you may experience difficulty keeping it in place.

I know I have harped about the potential drawbacks of ZQuiet; however, do keep in mind that it has worked well for me. My positive experience in terms of comfort and effectiveness has enabled me to rank this product at #2 among other anti-snoring oral appliances. The manufacturer reports a 94% success in controlling snoring. Moreover, its material of construction and design is compact enough for comfort throughout the night.

While ZQuiet does not match up to Good Morning Sleep Solution in customer convenience, it certainly outperforms the other MADs I have tried. Good Morning Sleep Solution is a tongue stabilizing device that does not attach to teeth, and hence escapes most of the side effects of MADs. But if you are looking for a MAD to control your snoring problem, ZQuiet is my foremost recommendation.

My Firsthand Experience

My initial curiosity about the device was a result of reading some rave product reviews on the internet. Moreover, to my knowledge it was among a few MADs that does not require boil and bite for customization. I am all for easy application and convenience. Therefore, I gave it a try.

Once the product arrived, I opened it up to find two mouthpieces inside. Although the two look almost the same, they feature different levels of lower jaw advancement. By comparing the two products side wise, I spotted the device with more pronounced jaw advancement. It is labeled size “B.” The manufacture recommends that customers use size “A” first. Therefore, I stored the size “B” in the case in which it arrived, and proceeded with size “A.”

It is my habit to give a new product one round of cleaning before I start using it. I searched the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning recommendations. It is quite easy actually. I washed the product in the sink using lukewarm water and a mild dish soap. The manufacturer recommends using a toothbrush for cleaning. Using toothpaste is, however, advised against for the chances of discoloration. Once the product was cleaned, I rinsed and dried it on a paper towel.

Placing the device in the mouth was a very simple process. I attached the upper and lower trays to my upper and lower teeth, respectively. My first reaction was how comfortable the material felt in my mouth. Unlike some of the boil and bite customizable MADs that have a thicker frame, it was quite thin and flexible in construction.

I do not suffer from excessive gag reflex, and therefore, wearing the device to sleep for the first time did not present any uncomfortable sensations. However, I did notice increased salivation at night. That first night, I woke up feeling moisture on my pillow, and realized that I had drooled over it. This was not a big problem though, and I quickly fell back to sleep. The next morning, I woke up refreshed.

I did experience jaw soreness after the first night of use. I tried out some simple jaw exercises in the morning and proceeded on with the day. The second and third nights on ZQuiet went almost the same way as the first, with however lesser of the drooling. I seemed to have naturally adapted to having the it in my mouth!

As for the jaw soreness, it took almost a week before it completely went away. Mandibular advancement devices hold the lower jaw forward, and this may require some getting used to. But once your jaw muscles have become accustomed to the new position, you may find that your jaw soreness also disappears.

Compared with the other MADs I have tried out, ZQuiet definitely beats the competition. The product is slimmer and thinner in design, and therefore takes up less mouth space as compared with other MADs. The frame is also flexible enough to offer comfort during long periods of use. The stiffer the frame is, the more pressure it places on one’s jaws and teeth. Therefore, with the MADs, you need to select the best material that stays attached through the night, and at the same time offers a comfortable mouth feel.

Additionally, I did not use the size “B” device as supplied by the manufacturer. It was, however, nice to have it, just in case.

Although I can confidently rate ZQuiet above the other MADs described on this website, it certainly ranks well below Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS). Tongue stabilizing devices, such as GMSS, occupy the least amount of mouth space, because they simply sit on the tongue through suction. By leaving the jaws and teeth free, GMSS offers unrivalled comfort to the users, like you and me.

Final Thoughts

zquiet mouthpiece Overall, I can definitely attest that ZQuiet is an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece. I used it for two weeks straight, and did not experience the downsides of snoring. It enabled a restful sleep for my wife and me.

ZQuiet is the best mandibular advancement device I have tested out. The absence of boil and bite customization is also a big advantage with this product. Some of the boil and bite type MADs require multiple attempts at molding, to get them to a perfect fit. All that extra hassle is avoided in ZQuiet. By featuring a simple and flexible design, it stays attached to your teeth, while at the same time being comfortable.

The “living hinge” makes normal mouth movements possible. This feature is a definite plus as compared to tongue stabilizing devices, which require a lip seal for secure attachment of the mouthpiece. The presence of a big breathing hole enables mouth breathers to use the device, safely and comfortably.

The common side effects of MADs, such as jaw soreness and drooling, are experienced far less with ZQuiet, thanks to its sleeker design. Although each unit of the product cannot be adjusted for optimal jaw advancement, the manufacturer supplies two devices of different jaw extensions with every purchase. According to the manufacturer, it typically lasts up to 12 – 24 months. This is a longer lifespan as compared with other MADs that last only up to a year or less.

My overall rating of ZQuiet is 4.2 out of 5