Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2 Review

By | 2018-03-07

somnoguard ap 2 review SomnoGuard AP 2 is a customizable and adjustable mandibular advancement device (MAD). Like most MADs, SomnoGuard AP 2 depends on the boil and bite method to mold the device to one’s unique dental shape. Jaw advancement length can be adjusted using the supplied screw and tools.

This product was manufactured by the German company, Tomed. SomnoGuard AP 2 was originally developed by Dr. Winfried Toussaint, a medical professional from Bensheim with 20 years of practice. SomnoGuard AP 2 has several attractive features for an anti-snoring device. For US customers, please note that SomnoGuard AP 2 is only available through a doctor’s prescription. Please read on to get my complete scoop on this product.

Distinguishing features

Safe Material

The outer surface of SomnoGuard AP 2 is made out of high quality polycarbonate material. The inside is made of thermoplastic material to enable customization. The hard exterior provides for good mouth retention.


SomnoGuard AP 2 can be customized to your unique dental shape using the boil and bite method. According to the manufacturer, SomnoGuard AP 2 can be used by people with class I, II and III malocclusion. What this means is that people with dental features, such as overjet, overbite, or underbite, may customize the product to their unique dental shapes.


SomnoGuard AP 2 can be adjusted for optimal lower jaw advancement lengths. This device comes with supplied screw, locknut, spanner and adjusting tool for adjusting jaw advancement. While most MADs offer up to 7-8 mm of total lower jaw advancement, SomnoGuard AP 2 can be adjusted up to 10 mm. An accuracy of 0.5 mm is provided with each setting. By advancing the lower jaw, MADs help to control snoring. Therefore, having this adjustable feature is a plus.

Worn with Dentures

According to the manufacturer, SomnoGuard AP 2 can be worn with dentures. In addition, if you have one or two missing teeth, you may still be able to use SomnoGuard AP 2. One has to ensure that the device attaches securely to the available healthy teeth or dentures.

Breathing Holes

SomnoGuard AP 2 has breathing holes to permit mouth breathing during use. Mouth breathers will be safe choosing this device to control snoring.

FDA cleared

SomnoGuard AP 2 is cleared by the FDA, which gives reassurance to customers, like you and me.

Clinically Proven

The manufacturer claims that SomnoGuard AP 2 is clinically proven to be effective. Actual study results are, however, not provided on their website.

Jaw Movements

Side to side jaw movement is possible while wearing this device. It may not be as flexible and convenient as the “living hinge” of ZQuiet, but in my opinion, having some jaw movement is preferable over no movement at all.

Potential drawbacks

SomnoGuard AP 2 has a few great features; however, several drawbacks of this product may greatly limit its applicability.

Not the most comfortable MAD!

SomnoGuard AP 2 has a sturdy outer construction to ensure mouth retention. But for many, myself included, this device feels too stiff in the mouth. I would prefer a more soft and flexible mouth feel, such as that offered by ZQuiet. In addition, a harder frame may generate more pressure on gums and teeth over time, leading to mouth soreness.

Slightly Lengthy Customization Process

Compared with other boil and bite MADs I have tried out, SomnoGuard AP 2 has a few extra steps for customization. The upper and lower trays have to be customized separately using the boil and bite method. Therefore, the total time for customization is approximately 10 minutes, which is double as compared with that for typical MADs. Keep in mind, if you have to remold the device later on, this will further complicate matters.

Hardware for Adjustability

The jaw length is adjustable with the help of the supplied screw, locknut, spanner and adjusting tool. This is a complex adjustment feature and no calibration is provided to help the setting. Moreover, I do not prefer to sleep with hardware in my mouth, and it puts me off that the SomnoGuard AP 2 requires a screw for jaw advancement. Accidental dislodgement of the screw could lead to injury.

No Return Policy

The manufacturer of SomnoGuard AP 2 does not offer a money-back guarantee. The unit price of the device is $149.99, and this makes SomnoGuard AP 2 an expensive mouthpiece to consider.

My first-hand experience

Experience OneSomnoGuard AP 2 arrived promptly in the mail after purchase. The device came inside a storage case along with the instruction manual and hardware (2 screws, 1 locknut, 1 spanner and 1 adjusting tool). I went on to customize the product….

I brought a pot of water to boiling, and immersed the upper tray for 3.5 minutes. The device turned transparent when hot. I raised it out of the hot water and held it for a few seconds before placing it on my upper teeth. After holding it in place in the mouth for at least 30 seconds, I took the product out of my mouth. The manufacturer recommends to trim off any excess moldable material at this time that may be protruding over the exterior frame. A curved scissors can be used to do the same. So, I trimmed off some material on the sides, taking care not to cut beyond the lower back teeth of the upper tray. Later, I placed the upper tray in cold water for holding its shape.

Next, I proceeded on to customizing the lower tray of SomnoGuard AP 2. The manufacturer recommends repeating the same process as with the upper tray to do this. Before placing the hot lower tray in the mouth, you will need to slide it in with the upper tray and then bite down. Overall the process took me over 10 minutes.

My experience of wearing SomnoGuard AP 2 for 5 consecutive nights was positive in regards to my snoring problem. I woke up feeling refreshed, and therefore the jaw advancement seemed effective. The downside of this device was the mouth soreness and mouth feel. SomnoGuard AP 2 has a stiff outer frame, and I did not like the pressure on my gums and teeth. Jaw soreness and teeth pain is commonly experienced with MADs during initial use. With SomnoGuard AP 2 this was no exception.

Where to Buy

Price for Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2 mandibular advancement device only 139,90 € (including 19% VAT DHL Paket). This MAD’s available at Tomed official website stores: Do online price comparisons on Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Ebay or Boots before finalizing a purchase.

Final Verdict

tomed somnoguard ap 2 mandibular advancement device SomnoGuard AP 2 is a customizable and adjustable MAD that works effectively for simple snoring. It is FDA cleared and clinically proven to work. It offers an extended range of jaw advancement lengths.

The material of construction is sturdy on the outside for mouth retention, and softer on the inside for quick customization. Mouth breathing and lateral jaw movements are possible with this MAD.

However, SomnoGuard AP 2 relies on hardware for adjustments, and this is not the most convenient option for many. Other MADs are easily adjusted without the use of extra hardware, e.g. SnoreRx. SomnoGuard AP 2 is a pricey device, and the manufacture does not offer any money back guarantee.

My overall rating of SomnoGuard AP 2 is 2.5 out of 5.0