SleepPro Contour Review

By | 2018-03-02

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SleepPro Contour is a customizable and adjustable mandibular advancement device, manufactured by SleepPro and its partner company, MEDiTAS Ltd. Headquartered in the UK, this company sells several anti-snoring products to different countries, including US, Canada and Australia. SleepPro Easifit, Sleep Tight, Woman, Custom, SleepPro Custom Anti-Microbial, Night Guard, Splintdirect, Chin Support Strap and SleepPro Custom are others anti-snoring oral appliances from this company.

The “SFA” in SleepPro Contour stands for Self Fit Adjustable. Unlike, SleepPro Custom, which is customized for you in the laboratory, SleepPro Contour can be molded into shape by the customer. Moreover, unlike the other devices, SleepPro Contour can be easily adjusted for optimal jaw advancement length.

Distinguishing features

Material of Construction & Design
sleeppro contour review anti snoring mouthpiece

SleepPro Contour is made of a soft thermo-polymer material on the inside to enable quick customization. Its sides are rounded and contoured to avoid rubbing against the gums, leading to irritation. The upper and lower trays are uniquely designed to fit the upper and lower dental arches, respectively. The overall size of the device is compact enabling a snug fit and occupying less mouth space.

In my experience, mouthpieces that are constructed well offer greater comfort and convenience during long term uses. You will be wearing an anti-snoring oral appliance for long hours at night. So choosing a comfortable fit is a topmost priority.

Customization Process

SleepPro Contour is customized through the boil and bite method. The total process takes a few steps and not more than 10 minutes to completion. An alignment plate is supplied by the manufacturer to enable the correct setting of the upper and lower trays during customization. Moreover, additional molding material is supplied with each purchase, for those who have missing teeth and may need to improve the grip of this device.

In my opinion, these little features add convenience to people who are new to the process of boil and bite. Additionally, SleepPro Contour may be re-fitted, if desired, by placing it in hot water.


SleepPro Contour offers 7 adjustment straps that snap to the upper and lower trays for different jaw advancement lengths. This device has a total 0-12 mm of jaw advancement, available in 1.5 mm increments. Ultimately, mandibular advancement devices, such as SleepPro Contour, work by holding the lower jaw slightly forward to the upper jaw during sleep.

Depending on one’s unique dental features, some people may need greater jaw advancement than others to see an effect on snoring. Hence, having this adjustability feature in a MAD is an advantage.

Mouth Breathing

sleeppro contour work

Enough space is provided between the upper and lower trays to allow the passage of air through one’s mouth. Therefore, mouth breathers can breathe comfortably when using SleepPro Contour.

Potential drawbacks

SleepPro Contour is a uniquely adjustable product, but it has some drawbacks worth mentioning.

Not Without Side Effects

Some customers of SleepPro Contour have complained about jaw soreness with usage. This is a typical complaint of many during the initial usage of mandibular advancement devices. MADs attach to the teeth, and hence they generate some pressure on the gums and teeth. However, with time, one may find that the soreness goes away by itself.

The manufacturer of SleepPro Contour also recommends adjusting the jaw advancement length to obtain a more comfortable fit if soreness is experienced.

No FDA Clearance or Clinical Studies

SleepPro Contour is not cleared by the FDA. Also, the manufacturer claims that the device is medically proven. However, no clinical studies are provided to substantiate their claim.

Money Back Policy

The manufacturer only offers a 50% money back guarantee for a period of 45 days. The unit price of the device is $129.99, and so some people may be put off by the steep price point of SleepPro Contour.

What others have said

While going over the product reviews on SleepPro Contour, I have found the following helpful information.


“Seemed comfortable enough but no idea how well it worked because after a week had to take it out as had gum irritation that lasted for a further week.”— R A Wiffen


“It not only effectively controlled my snoring, but it was very comfortable. Overall, the SFA had a low profile that allowed me to close my mouth to a comfortable level.”— Robert Thomas

Final Verdict

sleeppro contour adjustable mandibular advancement device SleepPro Contour offers a customizable fit with extended jaw advancement setting. The company that manufactures the line of SleepPro products have a long history, starting from 1998, in the anti-snoring and sleep aid business. According to the manufacturer, SleepPro Contour is medically proven to work. It is not a FDA cleared product.

But overall, SleepPro Contour is compact in size and is comfortable to use. Large air holes are provided to help mouth breathers use this product safely. A 50% money back warranty is also available from the manufacturers.

My overall rating of SleepPro Contour is 2.3 out of 5.0