Ripsnore Review Affordable Anti-snoring Device

By | 2018-02-28

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Ripsnore is a customizable mandibular advancement device (MAD) available at a competitive price point. The makers are an Australian company led by David Colin Campbell (director).

The company is named Ripsnore EU Ltd., and the product has been available since 2009. It has a few notable features for an oral appliance. To get a better understanding on how well it stacks up against its competition, please read on…

Distinguishing features

Safe Material

The manufacturer claims that the mouthpiece is made out of FDA approved material, which is also Bisphenol A (BPA) free. This is a reassuring sign, suggesting that the device is safe to wear in the mouth for extended periods of time. For those who are interested to know more, it is made of material called Dynaflex, which is a thermoplastic elastomer.


Can be customized through the boil and bite method. You will need to hold the mouthguard for 30 seconds in order to soften the thermoplastic material. Then by biting down, you can imprint your dental impressions on the device. The total process takes less than 2-3 minutes. As you already may have realized, most boil and bite MADs require several attempts at customization to obtain a snug, comfortable and effective fit. Ripsnore allows you to customize the product for 4 times, after which the material starts to deteriorate.

Can Be Worn with Dentures

According to the manufacturer, this mouthguard may be used along with night time dentures. One has to ensure that they have healthy gums and that the device attaches securely to the dentures.

Breathing Holes

Provides two breathing holes to allow the passage of air through the mouth. Mouth breathers can safely use this product. The presence of two holes also allows more air to enter and exit. Other MADs with only one small breathing hole, may generate a whistling sound from the restricted air flow.


Classified and certified as a class 1 medical device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). In addition, the Conformite Europeene (CE) has certified the product to help control snoring. The mouthpiece is made of FDA approved material; however, the product itself does not have FDA clearance.

Clinically Proven

The makers have conducted clinical studies to address the effectiveness of this mouthguard, which is shown to be a 98% success rate. A part of the study was conducted with the help of Dr. Kay Cormie, BDSc, who is a dental practitioner at the University of Queensland.


Sold as a 2 pack unit for the price of $67. The fact that you have to pay for 2 devices is not a great feature. However, if there are two members of the family (like you and your spouse) who need the product, it is a very affordable option. Also, the combined price of two devices places Ripsnore at a middle price point range compared with similar MADs.

Return Policy

The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee for 45 days from purchase. This is a great feature to have.


The manufacturer claims that the device can last up to 18 months. This is a long time for a typical MAD, which generally needs to be replaced once every 9-12 months. The extended longevity of Ripsnore may be the result of its slightly thicker and sturdier construction as compared with similar MADs.

ripsnore review anti-snoring mouthpiece

Potential drawbacks

Ripsnore has its own share of drawbacks that have to be kept in mind.

Not the most comfortable MAD

It is made out of a thicker material as compared to the newer MADs, such as ZQuiet. The sturdier construction may help prolong the lifespan of the mouthpiece and preserve it against Bruxism (night teeth grinding), but some people complain of gag reflex. Personally, I prefer the compact and snug fit offered by ZQuiet over any other bulkier mandibular advancement device.

Less than Ideal Adjustability

Unlike some of the other MADs, such as SnoreRx, Ripsnore does not feature easy adjustability of jaw advancement. For example, SnoreRx can be adjusted through sliders to different jaw advancement lengths and a calibrator is provided for ease of setting. In case of Ripsnore, if you find that the device does not work for your snoring needs, you may have to remold the device while holding out your lower jaw to a greater extent than before. There is no calibration to go by.

Jaw Movements

Does not leave much flexibility for jaw movements. This may be very constraining for many customers, who prefer to be able to swallow easily while using such oral appliances.

What others have said

Rave ReviewThere are several customer reviews for Ripsnore – some of them claim that the product works for them, while others claim it doesn’t. Some typical issues with this product are highlighted here:

From Ripsnore website…

“RIPSNORE™ has solved our problem and it only took me about 3 nights to get used to it. My husband is so happy and it works great with my dentures. Thank you very much.” — Katherine Kato, Charlotte, NC.

“I have been using your product for about 4 weeks now and would like to drop you a quick note on my experience. My snoring has pretty much stopped, which is great. However, it did take me about 5 days to get use to the feeling of the device. My teeth were a little bit sore at first, but this is now totally gone. Now I wake up in the morning feeling totally revived. Thanks for all the help with this problem.” — Peter Bomben, Redwood City, CA


“I do not know if the theory works. I tried a ripsnore and could not use it. My wife had troubles too. For her it was that the RS made her gag. For me the main problem was that you cannot yawn or open your mouth with it fitted. If I slept on my back and my mouth fell open the device would come loose and simply not work I snore worst when lying on my back, as do many people.”—Blind Freddy

Final thoughts

ripsnore anti snoring device Ripsnore is an affordable mandibular advancement device for couples looking for a solution to their mutual problem of snoring. You can get 2 devices within a comfortable price point. This product has been certified by the Australian and European health authorities, and it is made out of FDA approved material.

The makers have conducted their own clinical studies to address the effectiveness, which is reported as 98% successful. Two breathing holes are provided to assist mouth breathers.

The product, however, is not without drawbacks. Jaw discomforts, trouble keeping it in place for the whole night and the lack of jaw movements are issues encountered by many customers.

My overall rating of Ripsnore is 2.0 out of 5.0